Kimber Update

Hi there lovely crew,

I write this on a rainy Sunday morning, from my Mum’s yoga studio in Wangaratta, Victoria. My 11 week old bambino Stanley is asleep on the gorgeous quilt that his Nan poured hours of love into, as I slowly work through unread emails, and put merch packages together ready to send out into the world (I won’t deny there is a bit of a backlog, apologies if you have been waiting – I have been somewhat distracted by the gorgeous new little man in my life) I am on maternity leave from my Youth Development role with Indigo Shire and finding a beautifully simple and slow daily rhythm with my newborn. We walk the river most mornings and afternoons, peruse the op-shops for winter woollens and 80’s tupperware and revisit episodes of Outlander in between mastering the art of washing and drying reusable nappies, which I must say is unexpectedly quite fun.

All our albums are now on Spotify….
Last year we gently parted ways with our long time distributor Vitamin records, Glenn and Nino and the team at Vitamin have been such a truly brilliant support for over a decade! but as you all know the music industry is an ever evolving beast and selling albums has been trumped by the plethora of free(ish) online music platforms. Up until recently I have been reluctant to have all my albums on platforms such as Spotify, as I feel concerned that royalties shared to the writer and musician are yet to reach an equitable standard. In most recent times I have also grown to appreciate the positive opportunities that these platforms can create, just yesterday while looking at the Spotify stats for Southern Light I noticed that we have a bit of a following in far off lands like France and Spain, even if quite humble numbers- perhaps there is an excuse for a Euro tour in 2027 😉 As I share this post promoting the release of all our albums onto Spotify, I also encourage you to continue buying hard copy and online albums from your favourite independent artists. You can purchase all our releases on hard copy or digital via our bandcamp site – just jump onto our merch tab.

Hope you are all travelling gently during this time, I know it is not an easy chapter for many, especially for those in the music industry. Here’s hoping we will all be dancing and soaking up brilliant live music at a festival sometime soon. I am really looking forward to hitting the road with my little family and sharing some of my songs again… Till then we will keep spinning Donny Hathaway, Greg Lyon and Jo Jo Smith CDs on repeat in our house, seems to be Stans fav so far

Big Love,

Stanley, a few days old, cosy in woollens

July 12, 2020