Do You Know How Start Your Own Music Blog

On the off chance that you’re understanding this, at that point you’re prepared to quit fooling around about beginning your own music blog. As with everything throughout everyday life, the most ideal approach to set yourself up for progress—is to put time and vitality into making a strong game plan. A few things have changed over the most recent couple of years with regards to music blogging, so you should guarantee that your arrangement is current. This incorporates significant music marks grasping everything from effective music blogs, advancing their musicians by means of web-based social networking, and empowering music sharing through YouTube and SoundCloud. Just as different better approaches to source and tune in to music. The accompanying data is intended to assist you with figuring out how to begin a significant music blog that will succeed.

The First Step In Starting A Successful Music Blog

The principal thing you need to do is to investigate the best music blogs online today. Regardless of whether they are not identified with the class of music you most appreciate, you need to see both what they share practically speaking, and what makes them one of a kind. The objective isn’t to duplicate a site, however to discover motivation—and addition a general casing of reference.

While inquiring about the best music blogs existing apart from everything else, give specific consideration to whether they are worldwide, and to what extent they have been near. Take point by point notes, covering what you do and don’t care for about the blogs you find—and use these notes for conceptualizing.

Likewise, consider the roads they use related to their blog. This incorporates intuitive highlights, webcasts, applications, blended tape spilling, and shared online playlists.

Select A Genre, And Define The Goals Of Your Blog

What is basic to remember while choosing the class and objectives of your music blog, is whether you are filling a void that other music bloggers don’t presently offer. This progression is critical in light of the fact that it is the place you will characterize what makes your blog one of a kind. Consider questions, for example,

Will you center around neighborhood specialists?

Will you center around worldwide free specialists?

What is your essential sort of intrigue?

Who is your intended interest group?

Is your objective to praise music you appreciate, or to scrutinize music that you despise?

In the event that you are going to concentrate on prominent musicians, what will you do to make your blog one of a kind?

For instance, on the off chance that you pick to choose prominent musicians (otherwise known as exceptionally aggressive in both the music blogging industry and inside general web look) you could make it one of a kind by concentrating on “revamps.” You could blog about who has recently recorded, remixed, or utilized examples of well known tunes—at that point talk about what you like about each. You could likewise concentrate on what number of different classes (state both pop and nation) the tune has been recorded, or if the tune has been recorded in different nations and dialects.

The following are a couple of fruitful music blogs, who all have their own remarkable strategy for associating with their group of spectators.


Think about What You Will Blog About

In the beginning of music blogging, bloggers expected to do minimal more than posting a tune or video, and compose a short audit—however this is not true anymore. Today the music surveys you post must be enthusiastic and instructive—and your blog must have more profundity than only a series of audits.

When beginning a music blog you should decide a couple of subjects you will blog about, other than music audits. This could be any blend of:

Meetings with nearby groups and musicians

Meetings with visiting groups and musicians

Meetings with neighborhood or voyaging industry experts

Fun realities about the specialists you blog about

Music history

Discourses about how your classification is diverse around the world

An effective music blog is a blog that has a constant flow of both new and rehash traffic. You need to mark your blog as an asset for your perusers—and give them a larger number of motivations to visit your blog than simply hearing new music from the specialists you survey. The thoughts above will make you head the correct way—however there are a wide range of bearings you can take.

Imagination And Consistency Are Essential

On the off chance that it must be stated, you should be inventive to prevail in the realm of expert blogging. You should make drawing in blog posts that your guests need to peruse. Set explicit objectives for what number of music audits to include every week, just as what number of blog presents related on your class you will focus on.

Go for 3-5 posts every week while you are simply beginning, and keep up 2-4 once you are progressively settled.

While posting with consistency is fundamental, so is innovativeness and quality. There will be times where you battle to discover a subject to blog about—so think about current patterns or the season. For instance, you could compose a blog about “Ageless Summer Favorites”, “Grant Winning Artists”, “One-Hit Wonders”, or an “Extraordinary Holiday Song’s You’ve Probably Never Heard.”

Spread The News

You should start organizing ASAP. On the off chance that important, contact nearby groups and industry pioneers for live meetings. Likewise, interface with neighborhood and all around praised musicians and industry pioneers via web-based networking media—and at live occasions. This will get the message out that there is another blog in the music business, and is fundamental for building your fans and adherents.

Remember that you have to accomplish more than just “companion” or “pursue”, yet start to manufacture commonly useful connections. Building associations are fundamental to all businesses, however particularly in the music business. For instance, in the event that you become a standard inside your nearby music joints—they are probably going to go along your information to musicians and industry pioneers.

On the off chance that your blog will highlight nearby and less standard craftsmen, you might be agreeably astonished to figure out how simple it will be for you to access them for digital broadcast interviews, live meetings, free passes to shows, free music, free gear, and even free official statements that can turn out to be a piece of your blog content. As you gain energy, you will get the equivalent from significant craftsmen, music celebrations and occasions, and significant music marks.

As your prevalence keeps on developing, you won’t need to look as hard for promoting and approaches to adapt your site—as the open doors will begin coming to you.

Construct A Team

You make certain to cherish music, or we wouldn’t talk about how to begin a music blog. Be that as it may, when music blogging turns into your low maintenance or full-time gig—you force the danger of consuming to leave. In the event that your energy for music starts to blur, your perusers will take note. This is the reason it is fundamental to building a group, regardless of whether it is little. This could be different bloggers, somebody you can send to a portion of the live exhibitions you need to be secured, and people who love a similar sort of music, and will assist you with sourcing new melodies and musicians.

The counsel above features the key fixings you should concentrate on when beginning a music blog. Beginning a music blog will likewise expect you to plan (or redistribute the structure) of your blog, examine pertinent watchwords, put resources into free and paid web based showcasing, and make composed substance to praise your blog.

Despite the fact that sound music is the essential focal point of your blog, the composed substance is fundamental for improving your blog—just as giving your blog guests applicable tips, stunts, and counsel that will keep them returning all the time. What’s more, the composed substance is basic for promoting materials—including white papers, official statements, and visitor blog presents structured on drive traffic back to your essential music blog.

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Interesting Facts From Life of Sal Kimber

Sal Kimber is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging singer-songwriters. Based in inner Melbourne, Kimber has been quietly stealing hearts on Australia’s live music scene for the past seven years. But it was in 2008 that she really found her niche by forming alt-country band Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel (with older sister Beth Kimber on keys and accordian, Cat Leahy on drums and Trent McKenzie on electric and double bass). With a familiar, warm and expressive voice – sometimes yearning, sometimes sensual, always believable, Sal Kimber and her band were named by Rolling Stone Magazine as ‘Australiana alt-country at its finest’.

“the most refreshing, exciting and frighteningly talented artist I’ve seen in some years”
Greg Champion, ABC

With consistent rural and national tourin

, Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel released their highly anticipated self-titled album in 2011, to warm acclaim. Produced by award winning producer Shane Omara’, the album has received national and international radio play, has featured on shows such as Packed to the Rafters, and amongst dongs received Rhythms Magazines ‘Readers choice album of the year’. The 13-song collection showcases the band’s diversity with ‘Beat Gets Louder’ leading the charge with its sexy jazz undertones followed by the pop-hook laced second single ‘Do Right’. Sparse, quietly emotional ballads (‘Your Town’, ‘Got You’) sit perfectly alongside classic alt-country rock-outs (‘Fast Train’, ‘Be Alright’) as the Rollin’ Wheel twists and turns but never strays off course – much like the rivers and roads Kimber often writes about.

“Australia’s next queen of Country Soul”
Rolling Stone

Originally hailing from the mountain valleys of rural Victoria, Sal Kimber grew up in a musical family, and discovered her passion for songwriting at an early age. Her unique style has captured a strong following and garnered awards including the APRA Darebin Songwriting Award (2007) the Victorian Female Vocalist of the Year Award at the Victorian ∓ National Country Music Awards (2010) and the Apra Song of the Year at the Victoria ∓ National Country Music Awards (2012).

“Whenever we play her music on ABC radio, it garners an instant response: ‘Who was that singer?'”
Richard Glover, ABC Sydney

On banjo, guitars and vocals, Sal performs solo, duo, trio but most comfortably and most frequnetly with her talented band ‘The Rollin Wheel’. Sal has been a guest on SBS TV show Rockwiz, has supported the likes of Kasey Chambers and Tim Rogers and amongst things is a Bushdance caller. With a charismatic and fun style of calling, Sal can be found teaching the heel and toe in halls all around remote and urban Australia.

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Nesting and Making a New Album

I have just returned from a sunset run down to the Woolshed falls, Beechworth. Between shows on the road, and some work in Melbourne, this little big town is my steady, my home. Tho a country tourist stop of sorts, it’s constant characters are warm and unassuming. The small green grocer sells freshly baked sourdough bread and my favourite Greenwood apple juice (when I was younger I spent a summer picking on the Greenwood farm, not really sure if I was a productive picker, I remember doing more laughing than anything).

I do love the physical journey that music has taken me and the band, over the years. I feel blessed to travel so far and to places at times so unexpected, unknown. In the last month we have swung from big old trees in the Kangaroo Valley, backstroked across the salty Brunswick Heads river in northern NSW and slept in swags under stars at  Wollangarra.

swinging in trees

Between shows and day jobs, we have been chipping away in the YIKESVILLE STUDIO, creating our new album. We can’t wait to share the new sounds and stories with our friends once it is ready to roll, it feels like it has been a little while coming, I guess some albums just have their way.

studio timecatty, buff and sal, boxing gloves

Next week we support one our all time fav bands: The Waifs at the Corner Hotel and then travel up to one of our all time favourite festivals:FRL. You will find me either on stage or covered in salt running the fundraiser potato twist stall for Mittagundi (

A few new festivals and dates to share soon. Keep your eye on dis space….

big love, Sal